The Inbound Marketing Content Manager is responsible for the development of online and offline content for Delmonte clients. The main responsibility will be to increase the traffic to clients websites with content which attract leads and then convert them into MQL and SQL. This figure must be able to create creative ideas and texts and manage multiple brand lines with the associated multichannel marketing materials through a data-driven approach. A strong branding comprehension and the ability to manage the associate marketing assets are both essentials. 

Mandatory conditions for job application


Any application that does not meet the following pre-requisites will be rejected. Even if it is not mandatory, it will be a plus to have a good knowledge of HubSpot.

  • 5 years experience in this same role inside a web or inbound marketing agency
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
  • Excellent knowledge of English, spoken and written 
  • Excellent skills of copywriting
  • In-depth knowledge of Inbound Marketing 
  • In-depth knowledge of SEO, Email marketing, Paid Media (PPC, Display, Affiliate, Influencer), Social Media Marketing
  • In-depth knowledge of Google Analytics

Key responsibilities


  • Create, review and publish content which support our internal Inbound Marketing and clients strategies
  • Create contents (including blog posts, white paper, e-book, report, webinar, infographics, social media posts, etc.) which attract qualified potential clients (SQL)
  • Promote the created content and attract visitors through search engines, social media and DEM campaigns
  • Manage the external content collaborators and ensure they will deliver on time, coordinate with web designers, influencer, marketing experts, sales professionals in order to produce relevant content that meets internal and clients needs
  • Conduct in-depth research and data analysis to guide content creation 
  • Manage the content marketing budget
  • Implement SEO best practices
  • Reporting
  • Increase conversion rates through writing convincing copy, highlight the value proposition, characteristics and advantages associated to the offers 
  • Use market data and collaborate with marketing managers to develop useful content for generating and converting leads to targets
  • Collaborate in goal setting and provide ideas for new marketing campaigns
  • Document and communicate daily updates about project status 
  • Supervise the process of materials creative development

Education, experience and qualifications


  • All the necessary pre-requisites at the begininng 
  • Marketing Automation (HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, etc.)
  • SEO Tools: MOZ - SEMRush etc. 
  • Google certifications (AdWords and/or Analytics)
  • Editorial mindset that try to understand what the audience read, why they read it and how to create similar content
  • Ability to plan, organize and execute multiple projects
  • Ability to work in a team and excellent interpersonal skills with both colleagues and clients
  • Special attention to details
  • Optimistic, enthusiastic and proactive attitude

> Classification and type of contract will be discussed according to the actual experience and skills acquired.