Digital Agency | HubSpot Diamond Partner

We are the 1st Italian agency to have qualified in the HubSpot EMEA “2021 Performance-Based Impact Award” ranking (7th place in EMEA for Customer First).

We are one of the most important HubSpot Partners in Italy and the EMEA market. We have experience with multinational companies and actively collaborate with European HubSpot partners.

3 Main reasons why you should rely on us:

  1. We are HubSpot experts and lovers
  2. We know the Italian market natively
  3. We used to collaborate with international teams

Specifically, our core services are:

  • HubSpot Check-up
For HubSpot users only. It consists of analyzing your portal to identify improvements and potential for use.
  • HubSpot Onboarding and Training
This plan is for companies that want to start using the platform. It consists of 3 main areas: custom setup, training and ongoing support.
  • Automation related to Marketing, Sales and Customer Service
Automation is the beating heart of HubSpot. With practical experience in all 3 Hubs, we can design, implement and optimize automation strategies.
  • System Integration and Plugin Development
HubSpot positions itself as an all-on-one platform. We have an internal team of Web Devs and Solution Architects to manage custom integrations with any customer system. We have developed a microservices middleware hosted on Amazon AWS to meet complex integration needs.
  • Inbound Marketing, with AI-based SEO
A complete digital marketing plan aimed at quality lead generation and lead nurturing. Particular focus is placed on content optimization from an SEO perspective, thanks to Artificial Intelligence's use.
  • ADV & Lead Generation
This is a vertical service with a unique aim: lead generation. We both can create organic and paid strategies on the main digital channels.

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Our Working Method

Project Management: the SCRUM method


SCRUM is the most widespread and effective Agile method in managing innovative projects with a significant degree of complexity. The project owner divides it into different phases - the so-called "Sprints" - planning weekly the activities to do and the resources involved.

Each week, the Project Manager conducts sprint meetings with the client lasting 15-30 minutes to align and review any pain or blocking points rather than introducing an unexpected urgent task.

This method allows us to reduce the effort of the work, guarantee incremental results over time and provide transparency to the client on the progress of the project.




Definition of Objectives and KPIs: the OKR Model

The OKR method is the framework used by big companies such as Google to define and monitor project objectives.

It consists of defining qualitative quarterly Objectives and from 3 to 5 quantitative and measurable Key Results to achieve each objective.

Quarterly we'll have a meeting to evaluate the progress of the OKRs and propose the necessary adjustments.



Content Management: 20 years of experiencemetodo-Comelavoriamo

In digital projects, a critical success factor is content creation.

Thanks to Delmonte's long experience, we have developed two work processes: full outsourcing and the collaborative model. Based on the client's preference, we can manage some activities or the entire process: from the content strategy to the research and management of authors up to the SEO and Inbound review and their publication.

Our Content Managers are specialized in the management of content in Italian, English, German, Spanish, and French.

Our HubSpot Services

HubSpot Check-up

For HubSpot users, we offer a check-up service on all Hubs to identify any critical issues or configuration errors and areas for improvement.
The check-up phase ends with a report complete with mapping the as-is configuration and implementation proposals.

HubSpot Onboarding

The Onboarding service includes all the initial platform configuration and customization activities.
We offer a tailor-made Onboarding activity for each client: short lead times, constant assistance, personalized training carried out by certified staff, and measurable results.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot has a complete set of APIs that allow integration with other software platforms already present in the company. In addition to having in-depth knowledge of the Operations Hub, we have developed a Middleware hosted on Amazon AWS that allows you to implement more scalable, secure, and reliable integrations.

HubSpot CMS

The advantage of developing a site on HubSpot CMS is to guarantee each user a personalized Customer Experience, thanks to the integration with CRM.
Our Web Designers are HubSpot certified and can manage all website creation phases: creativity, UX, UI, implementation, and go live.

HubSpot Flywheel

HubSpot allows us to manage better and in an integrated way all the activities necessary to apply a winning Inbound strategy. Lead Generation, Lead Management, Sales, and Customer Service: we help you manage all phases of the Flywheel and attract new customers.

HubSpot Automation

HubSpot's mission is to combine Power & Ease, thus you can simply manage high complexity. Our certified CRM and Automation Specialists will follow you in creating and optimizing automated processes for the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service departments.

Our latest achievements

In 2020 we became HubSpot's Diamond Solutions Partner and in the following year we obtained the following awards:

“Partner of the Year 2021” EMEA
In October we reached the top step of the “Partner of the Year” podium in Italy (and in 7th place in EMEA).

“Customer First Award 2021”: 3rd in Europe and 1st in Italy
In 2021 we were the 3rd Partner in Europe - and the 1st in Italy - for growth and customer retention.