how to integrate HUBSPOT with other softwares or Apps

connettore integrazioni

Fully-Managed Platform, SMS App and Instagram Feed Module

HubSpot is an all-on-one platform: its strength is the ability to integrate effectively with any technology stack already in use in the company. But integration with third-party software and Apps must be implemented correctly.

We have designed a number of services to accelerate the integration processes and guarantee high-level performance in a short time. We have built a Fully-Managed Platform on Amazon AWS to easily integrate HubSpot with any software. We have also developed two Plugins for Instagram and SMS to simplify the integration of the platform with the most widely used Apps.

Fully-Managed Platform

There is an increasing need to integrate our customers' HubSpot portals with other technology stacks (ERP, E-Commerce, Business Applications, External Data Sources, Communication APIs, etc.).

To accelerate this process and ensure an efficient and stable service, we implemented a Fully-Managed Platform, a cloud-based platform to menage our customers' integration Apps.

Our architecture is designed to be easily adaptable to the specific needs of each company. The result is a flexible, dynamic and high-performance system that guarantees that any application can be integrated with HubSpot.


Serverless architecture on Amazon AWS

The platform is multi-tenant, built on a fully serverless micro-service architecture implemented on Amazon AWS.

We mainly use European nodes, but we can customise the execution to the geographical nodes most useful or necessary for individual projects.

Integrations are realised by adopting a design, development, deployment and monitoring strategy specific to Enterprise-Grade Serverless Applications.

HubSpot Plugin: SMS App and Instagram Feed

To enable our customers to better integrate HubSpot with the other Apps in use in the company, we have developed an Instagram Plugin available on the HubSpot Marketplace and an App for sending SMS delivered via our Fully-Managed Platform.


Thanks to our App, you can manage SMS sending in a CRM integrated mode directly on HubSpot! The App is hosted on our Fully-Managed Platform and this allows us to offer a flexible and dynamic SMS sending service.

What can you do with the App? Send SMS via workflow, customise SMS with tokens, record the outcome of sendings in the timeline, receive reports and much more!

Instagram Feed HubSpot Module

Our HubSpot Module Instagram Feed Plugin allows you to display all photos from your company's Instagram feed on your company website, selected by location or by #hashtag. The Plugin guarantees a fully customisable rendering (number of photos, image size, text size and color).

This is a responsive and easy-to-install Plugin specifically designed to create engagement and maintain an updated Brand Image, bringing the world of Instagram into website pages.