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HubSpot CRM

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a CRM software that solves problems and maximises business results! HubSpot is not just a CRM: it is a complete suite of tools able to manage Marketing, Sales, Content Management and Customer Service activities from a single platform, with the aim of maximising ROI and reducing work efforts.

HubSpot is an all-on-one software: it integrates perfectly with any third-party software already used in the company to manage all useful data from a single CRM platform. Integrated data, aligned business teams and maximised resource productivity: this is how HubSpot drives business growth.

How can we help you with HubSpot?

Choosing a HubSpot Partner means you can get the best out of the platform!

Our partnership with HubSpot began in 2016: we were among the first Italian agencies to become HubSpot Partners. Today, thanks to many projects realized, we are HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner and we are the first agency in Italy to be ranked in the HubSpot EMEA "2021 Performance Based Impact Award".

Our CEO & Inbound Marketing Evangelist, Luciano Tolomei, is also the Leader of Milan HubSpot User Group, a community born to share useful tips, opinions and information for all users of the platform.

Our main goal is to support our customers in the correct adoption of HubSpot, enabling them to achieve their business goals and to grow sustainably and steadily. Our approach is fully customised and flexible, both for those who are already HubSpot users and for those who are using the platform for the first time.


From Funnel to Flywheel with HubSpot

When it comes to Inbound Marketing, customer satisfaction is considered the primary driver of the Flywheel - it is the natural and sustainable growth process of the business. HubSpot provides a complete suite of tools to best manage all stages of the Flywheel.


HubSpot Marketing Hub

With HubSpot Marketing tools you can attract qualified traffic to your business channels, generate targeted contacts and gradually lead them to buy your products and services. From lead generation to nurturing, from content strategy to automation workflows: the Marketing Hub is the heart of HubSpot!

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot allows you to align the activities of marketing and sales teams, improving sales results thanks to the valuable prospects data provided to Sales by CRM. From the sales pipeline management to the organisation of daily calls and tasks: a single platform to manage a data-driven sales activity.

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot allows you to learn about customers' requests and issues in advance and to face them in an integrated way. The Service Hub responds to the Customer Service challenge with scalable, automated and self-service support, thanks to tools such as Help desk, tickets and Knowledge Base.

HubSpot CMS Hub

HubSpot CMS Hub allows you to easily manage your company website content with flexible themes for developers and intuitive, drag-and-drop interfaces for marketers. Integration with CRM allows you to keep track of all visitors to the pages of your website in order to improve your channels with constantly updated data.

HubSpot Operations Hub

HubSpot Operations Hub helps your business improving operations management through a single platform that integrates the work of different teams. Operations Hub includes App integrations, new data synchronisation and more flexible automation processes.

Growing with HubSpot: Santagostino's experience

HubSpot can really maximise business results: Santagostino, a network of specialist outpatient clinics present throughout Italy, experienced an important growth by using the platform. Santagostino's aim has always been to enhance its patients by placing them at the centre of its development strategy.

Together with the Santagostino Teams, we used the tools provided by HubSpot CRM and Marketing to create an omnichannel and customised Customer Experience for each patient. We implemented solutions through the following actions:

  • Customer Retention, with Marketing Automation;
  • Customer Acquisition, with ADV retargeting and SEO Enterprise's project.