Our Lead Generation projects are designed to attract qualified visitors to all company digital channels with the aim of increasing the number of contacts in the database and converting visitors into real Customers.


Our Lead Generation projects

Creating a winning Lead Generation strategy allows you to attract the right consumers, increasing site conversions and acquiring new Customers.

Our Lead Generation activities are:

  • ADV campaigns, to acquire leads quickly and with a dedicated budget;
  • SEO, to attract traffic organically and continuously over time;
  • Inbound Marketing full-funnel, to attract new consumers and turn them into customers, leading them along all stages of the Journey.


Lead Generation ADV Campaigns

What steps define our Lead Generation process?

  • Media Strategy and Assets realization: first strategic phase of defining the channels to be used and budget allocation, followed by the realization of the creative assets (copy, graphics, etc.);
  • Campaigns setup and implementation on the previously chosen channels;
  • Ongoing campaign management and monitoring, with the aim of optimizing performance through A/B testing;
  • Reporting that gives visibility of overall campaigns performance and suggests possible areas for improvement.


ADV and SEO for our Lead Generation projects

ADV Strategy and KPIs

Starting from the analysis of the company's data history, we define an ADV Strategy and we select all the digital channels to be used. The activities in this phase are: analysis of the target audience, choice of channels and division of the budget, realization of social graphics and copy. The final goal is the definition of real and achievable KPIs on the basis of the client's wishes and market benchmarks.

ADV Setup and Optimization

Definition and creation of social, display, search advertising and Remarketing campaigns on the channels identified during the strategic phase. A/B testing allows us to constantly optimize campaigns' performance by identifying quick wins and areas for improvement. During the project, we continue to keep track of the campaigns' results in order to progressively improve performance.

ADV Reporting

We use weekly reports to analyze ADV campaigns' performance. In particular, we schedule short sprint calls with our clients to share the results obtained and to suggest any improvements or A/B tests.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO solutions are designed to improve the visibility of the client's website by optimizing its ranking on search engines. Following an initial ranking analysis, we provide a plan of activities to achieve quick wins by leveraging strengths over competitors. Subsequently, we define an on-going SEO strategy, working on On-Page and Technical optimization and on a Digital PR activity.

SEO reporting

We use monthly reports to analyze SEO activities performance. The SEO Report gives visibility of the keywords ranking and of the organic performance of the website. The SEO Report is presented and commented together with the client, it is dynamic, and it can always be consulted independently online.