Lead generation is the set of marketing actions that allow you to increase the database of contacts interested in the products or services offered by a company.



Lead generation should be included in a broader project, but it can also be implemented for tactical and short-term needs such as: 

  • Increasing generated leads

Lead generation is recommended when the company needs to start quickly acquiring new leads to feed its sales cycle. This activity can be used to prepare for the creation of a complete inbound marketing strategy. 

  • Pilot Projects or Proof of Concept

This is used to quickly acquire the metrics needed to understand the market’s acceptance of a new product or service. The activity is carried out with clear and well-defined goals that allow you to acquire fundamental high-quality and quantifiable information to validate the hypotheses set out in the strategy.

A lead generation project includes the following activities:

Digital Advertising
This is all the advertising actions conveyed through a digital channel. We mainly deal with display advertising (advertising on websites, social networks, e-commerce etc.) and search advertising (search engine ads).
Search Engine Optimization

This is the set of strategies we use to increase the visibility of a website by improving its position on search engines.


Remarketing campaigns allow you to show ads to users who have already visited your website, a blog post, or an e-Commerce product.

Conversion Path

This is the journey that the user takes from visitor to customer. This journey starts by clicking on a call-to-action, passing through the landing pages and forms and arriving on a landing page.

Conversion content

All of that premium gated content and all of those offers that can be accessed after filling out a form inserted into the site’s pages and into blog posts.

CRO Activity (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

These are the activities that aim to improve conversions on a site from analysing user behaviour to modifying any part of a web page.


A useful marketing strategy that gets customers attached to a product or service so that they can buy and promote them.


Direct Email Marketing - As the name implies, it’s an activity closely linked to sending informative and promotional emails.