The time has come to live in peace and harmony! When we talk about smarketing, we’re talking about the marketing and sales department coordinating with one another to achieve the same goals.




Marketing and sales usually clash, especially when it comes to observing each other’s work. Making a partnership between the two departments enables the marketer to be in the same playing field and to give an economic and objective evaluation metric of his/her results. The advantage for the sales team is that it has higher quality contacts to work with and therefore, an increased level of productivity.



The following activities will be carried out to align the two teams:

Funnel analysis

The quantifiable and high-quality analysis of the entire course will allow us to highlight areas that can be improved and increase conversions.

Sales Process Analysis

It is necessary to define a sales method and continue to refine it based on measurable data and constant feedback.

Definition of Marketing Objectives

Together with the marketing team and in agreement with the sales team, we define the objectives clearly and analytically.

Definition of sales goals

We determine the results with the sales team that they must achieve depending on the results that were predicted by the marketing team.

SLA (marketing - sales)

Defining a Service Level Agreement between the two teams is essential to share goals and set strategies.