Our SEO solutions are tailored for Enterprise and medium sized businesses. Our approach to Search Engine Optimization relies on AI and our technical expertise, with the aim of building an on-going process that allows the business to increase Brand Awareness.

SEO Flywheel

Our SEO solutions

Our SEO offer is based on three key elements:

  • On-Page optimization
    We help businesses to optimize their pages' site from a structural and HTML tag point of view, with a particular focus on content and text optimization.

  • Technical optimization
    We help you to improve your site by making it faster and more accessible. We make content more readable for the algorithm.

  • Digital PR
    The new "link building" that increases the company site’s authority and guarantees traffic more qualified.


SEO Flywheel

A winning strategy is based on different activities which share a single goal: the constant and sustainable growth of the business.

  • Optimized page for organic traffic
    Visitors view the page from the search engine. With its content optimized for intent, the targeting is extremely precise. The page presents what the user is looking for.

  • Retargeting ADV: "SEO Plus"
    The organic traffic base allows us to adopt a retargeting process on sessions at the ADV level, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the ADV part and, consequently, optimizing the budget.

  • Optimized page for organic traffic
    Starting from a traffic base that already frames the intent of the audience that will view the page, we expect an improvement in workflow performance.

Our SEO process

Assessment and strategy

Before planning the strategy, we analyze the initial positioning of the site, its technical performance and the status of the incoming links. Below, we set up an on-going SEO strategy that allows you to identify quick win. Right from the start, we measure technical performance and optimize the strategy based on the results obtained.

On-Page SEO

The On-Page part aims to create and optimize resources based on one or more keywords. We want each page to be well positioned to ensure consistent sessions and leads organically.

The On-Page activity includes optimization of the Meta section, headings and internal and navigation links. We use AI algorithms that allow us to optimize content and make it easily understood by crawlers.

Technical SEO

The technical SEO part aims to code-level optimization of the site in order to make every single resource easily understandable by Google bots.

We optimize the site by carrying out JS rendering activities, structured data entry and redirects & loops.

Local SEO

SEO Local optimization is essential for all companies that offer specific products based on specific geographical areas (national and international) and for all those who have offices open to the public.

Our integrative Local SEO strategy includes Google My Business optimization, navigation localization with specific pages and map results on Google.

Digital PR & link intelligence

For "Digital PR" in SEO we mean the creation of content to obtain quality links to the pages of the site, in order to further optimize the positioning of the keywords.

Our Digital PR strategy includes a first analysis of the link profile, a link reclamation activity and constant support in the creation of guest blogs with a dedicated budget to obtain quality links.

SEO Report

We guarantee to those who choose us a shared and constantly resulting view on performance and results. We create a dynamic SEO report that includes all the important metrics: positioning of keywords, organic performance, site usability, etc.