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HubSpot is an investment: how to use it?

HubSpot is a CRM software designed to improve business results, enabling your company to grow sustainably by improving not only customer relations, but also internal processes. Choosing a tool like HubSpot is not enough: it is important to learn how to use all its tools.

At Delmonte, HubSpot Diamond Partner, thanks to our experience with many large-scale projects, we want you to get the most out of your investment by helping you to use HubSpot in a simple and structured way. Watchword? Power & Ease: HubSpot is a platform as rich in complex functionality as simple to use!

Our services for existing HubSpot users


Our Check-up service allows to identify any critical issues, configuration errors and areas for improvement through an analysis of all hubs. The Check-up phase concludes with a comprehensive report mapping the as-is configuration and proposals for implementation.


We offer training packages with HubSpot-certified Team members so you can always take advantage of the platform's potential, find out the new features available and create an approach tailor-made to suit your business needs.

Onboarding of new Teams

We offer comprehensive and flexible Onboarding services for new Hubs activation and new Teams onboarding. Our Team is available to enable all corporate teams to learn how to make the best use of HubSpot's potential.

Structured Automation projects

HubSpot is a platform that combines Power & Ease: it is able to handle high complexity in a simple manner. Our certified CRM and Automation Specialists will support you in the creation and improvement of automated processes for the entire Flywheel, from a point of view of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

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Our services for non-HubSpot users

Onboarding CRM Suite

The Onboarding service includes all activities of configuration and customisation of the platform. We offer flexible Onboarding for each customer: short lead times, constant support, customised training and measurable results.


For new HubSpot users, we also provide live training sessions to learn how to use the platform in the best way and to understand what features are essential to achieve business goals.

System Integration

HubSpot has a comprehensive set of APIs that allows integration with other platforms already in use in the company. In addition to having an in-depth understanding of the Operations Hub, we have developed a Fully-Managed platform hosted on Amazon AWS that allows for more scalable, secure and reliable integrations.


Our certified CRM and Automation Specialists support our customers in the conception, implementation and improvement of Automation processes involving all Flywheel phases: from Marketing to Customer Service.

Flywheel & Inbound

With HubSpot we help you to manage all the activities of a winning Inbound strategy in the best and most integrated way. Lead Generation, Lead Management, Sales and Customer Service: we help you attract new customers with the aim of retaining them thanks to the improvement not only of the Customer Experience, but also of the company's internal processes.

Case Studies

Santagostino: the perfect Customer Experience


Santagostino is a healthcare company with 31 medical centres and 335 specialist outpatient clinics throughout the North and Center of Italy.


Increase Brand Awareness and drive-to-store lead generation rates.

Implemented solutions

  • HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Service set-up and management
  • Paid Social Lead Generation Campaigns
  • HubSpot Training
  • Technical SEO audit and ongoing SEO optimisation


  • Marketing Automation (2019 - ongoing): managed over 150.000 patients, increased patient retention and loyalty, 2.500 visits generated last quarter
  • Paid Social (April 2021 - ongoing): over 700 doctor visits booked via ADV (average ROAS of 7). Over 1,000,000 people reached in the last quarter

  • SEO (June 2021 - ongoing): 260% increase in Santagostino's organic positioning acquired since the start of the project

Verisure: SEO Enterprise


Verisure is the number one multinational security company in Europe, specialising in security systems to protect people, homes and businesses.


Consistently increase organic traffic to the blog and convert visitors to MQL/SQL.

Implemented solutions

  • Semantic SEO with Structured data
  • Customer Journey and touchpoint strategy
  • Measurement and adaptation data-driven strategy
  • Monitoring and reporting leads generated


55% increase in the number of clicks on Verisure URLs for non-branded queries (results achieved in 6 months of activity).