This is a new way of thinking and implementing really effective marketing and sales strategies.


The starting point is to put the customer at the forefront, understand their needs and accompany them through the purchasing process.

Purchasing habits have changed so it’s necessary to adapt your marketing and sales strategies to keep up with the times and grow your business.

Adopting an inbound methodology means having a long-term vision, as the most important results begin to show 4 to 6 months after the implementation and continue to improve over time.


Gain attention. Attract visitors with useful content and help them get to know your company.


Allow your contacts to interact with you during their buyer journey through their favourite channels.


Link your success to your customers. Improve the entire customer experience so that they become promoters of your brand.

An inbound project includes the following activities:

Digital Advertising

This is all the advertising actions conveyed through a digital channel. We mainly deal with display advertising (advertising on websites, social networks, e-commerce etc.) and search advertising (search engine ads).

Search Engine Optimization

This is the set of strategies which we use to increase the visibility of a website by improving its position on search engines.


Remarketing campaigns allow you to show ads to users who have already visited a page on your website, your blog post or your ecommerce product.

Conversion Path

This is the journey that the user takes from visitor to customer. The journey starts with a click on a call-to-action, passing through landing pages and forms and arriving on a landing page.

Conversion Content

All that premium gated content and all those offers that can be accessed after filling in a form that is inserted into the site’s pages and into blog posts.

Content Creation

We specialise in producing textual content, graphics and videos. Each of them is included in a strategy and aimed at achieving a specific objective.

CRO Activity (Converstion Rate Optimisation)

These are the activities that aim to improve conversions on a site from analyzing user behaviour to modifying any part of a web page.


This is a useful marketing strategy to get customers to become attached to a product/service, so that they can buy it and become promoters.

Buyer persona

This is a fictitious and generalized representation of the ideal client and the starting point for identifying potential customers. The accuracy of the previously made hypotheses is analyzed every 6 to 9 times.

Lead scoring

We categorise potential customers with the help of a value system, which judges through demographic, professional and online behaviour parameters.

Marketing automation

This includes all of those marketing activities that can be automated thanks to the use of one or more types of software.

Lead nurturing

These are the activities that help feed the relationship with a potential customer and push him/her towards the purchase of a product/service.

Growth-driven design

The creation of a website is based on two fundamental principles: a shorter time to go live and the continuous improvement of the graphic and functional aspects.

Periodic re-working of the strategy

We collect intermediate data and analyse results so that our Inbound Marketing strategy can be adjusted if needed.