In Delmonte we design and implement integrated data-driven sales & marketing plans with the aim of supporting our Customers in acquiring new contacts and building with them valuable and strong relationships. Our strategy is based on defining clear and achievable goals over time to make the company grow sustainably.

Strategy business growth

Digital transformation, driven by the socio-economic changes of recent years, is leading more and more companies to consider adapting their marketing and sales strategies to the new scenarios that have emerged. In this dynamic market, companies need to find a Partner, who, through mark-tech expertise and knowledge, is able to provide support in defining a comprehensive digital strategic plan

We want to respond to this need by supporting our Customers in the realization of digital growth projects. We start from data analysis for developing successful strategies and defining attainable KPIs and we use an easy-to-use and powerful CRM software - HubSpot, with its marketing, sales and customer service tools, to implement our data-driven Growth Strategies.

In every project we adopt the agile SCRUM methodology that allows us to manage complex tasks in a simple way and to scale up over time based on market needs.

Our Growth Strategy activities

Digital Assessment
Our Digital Assessment is a starting analysis to take a snapshot of the company's current situation: it helps us to define the Growth Strategy.
Content Audit and Communication Guideline
Analysis of all contents created over time on all the channels that helps us to- identify the Tone of Voice of the company, with the aim of defining new Communication Guidelines based on the company's Value Proposition.
Buyer Persona and Customer Journey
Buyer Personas are the representation of ideal customers: identifying their profiles is important to structure a winning marketing and sales strategy. Analyzing Buyer Personas allows us to develop tailor-made offers that meet the needs of potential customers at all stages of their Customer Journey.
Competitor scenario
The Competitor Analysis allows us to identify the company’s main digital competitors. This analysis, supported by the use of specific tools, focuses on five fundamental parameters: web traffic, number of indexed pages, keywords, referral links and social positioning.
SEO and Content Strategy
Strategy for optimizing organic positioning on search engines. Following an initial analysis, we define an on-going SEO roadmap to reach long-term improvements. The Content Strategy allows us to expand the pool of keywords covered, creating quality content based on the search queries of Buyer Personas.
Goals and KPIs
Our data-driven approach and constant performance monitoring allow us to define measurable and truly attainable goals and KPIs, with the aim of supporting the company in a process of constant and sustainable growth over time. In every project, we apply the OKR (Objective Key Results) framework, which enables us to define a quarterly goal and ways (key results) to achieve it quickly.