Delmonte collaborates with their clients to design and implement integrated sales and marketing plans that have two key objectives: to generate new customers and to establish strong, lasting, and profitable relationships with them. These projects are made up of clear goals that are achieved over a previously defined timeline.


This may be the age of digital transformation, but many companies still don’t have the skills to adapt their marketing and sales strategies to deal with the new circumstances. Therefore, there’s a natural need for companies to partner with, someone that can help them outline a complete strategic plan that keeps them up to date.

Delmonte’s strategies are built on carefully analysed data and projections of credible results alongside the SCRUM methodology which develops and supports complex projects that can evolve as the needs of the market evolve. We rely on HubSpot, and a wide range of other types of software, to implement our data-driven strategies.

The following topics will be addressed within the strategy:

Digital State Assessment

It allows you to have a clear picture of the company’s current situation that will then help outline the corporate strategy.

Content audit

This is the detailed analysis of all the content created over time by the company in order to assess its usability and effectiveness.

Buyer persona

This is the fictitious and generalised representation of the ideal client which acts as the starting point for identifying potential customers.

Seo strategy

This is the strategy used to optimise the organic positioning of your digital content on search engines.

Content strategy

This is the detailed placement of content within the customer journey. It allows you to insert touch points to guide users.

Goals and KPIs

Determining the metrics and constantly monitoring the performance allows us to make a strategic plan that focuses on the growth of the company’s revenue.